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Passion, Empathy & a Take-Charge Approach An Attorney Who Truly Cares TELL ME HOW I CAN HELP YOU


Very Informative

Got the job done! I was referred to use Jessica by a family member and could not have been more pleased. Big decisions needed to be made in regards to family can be very emotionally and financially stressful. She made it very easy. Very informative, super patient and FIESTY! She does not settle for less and made sure to lay all options out on the table to explore with confidence. A firecracker that knows what she does very well! I have recommended her and will continue to do so!

– Amanda

Jessica Is the One

For all the Dads out there have a talk with Jessica. I had an issue with my EX regarding custody and child support!!! If you are looking for a Lawyer that believes Dads have rights too then Jessica is the one. No Bullshit straight to the point. I have recommended Jessica to other people as well!!

– Justin M.

Very Efficient

Everything I ever hoped for all in one lawyer. She handled my termination case beautifully and professionally. Very efficient. I could not have asked for a better lawyer.

- Lauren


…I was so impressed by the support and service provided by Ms. Worden that I felt compelled to go on record with my Praise.

– Stacy Johnson

Put My Mind at Ease

Jessica is amazing at what she does. You can tell she cares a lot about her clients and their cases, she honestly makes you feel like you're her only client, your case is that important to her. Email replies to my questions were always sent quickly (within regular business hours) and she always laid out all the courtroom jargon in plain English for me. I am positive my case went not only smoother overall, but with the lightest sentencing I could have had. She will keep you up to date as long as you do the same for her. She is very knowledgeable, relatable, and overall just gives a big sense of relief in such a stressful situation. I HIGHLY recommend the Worden Law Firm.

– Josie

Excellent Attorney

Jessica gave me great legal advice to get my son returned to me. I hired her for custody enforcement case. She was direct and straight forward with me. She returned every call and email in a timely manner. She updated me at every step in the process.

Her rates are affordable.

I would retain Jessica again in a heart beat, if needed.

– Erika Wilkins

Amazing Person and Lawyer

I met her at child support court and watched her tear apart a dead bet dad. I myself am a dad and was seeking visitation and put myself on child support. I was in over my head and thought I could handle this alone. Jessica is going to get to the point and make sure your legal issues are not ruining your life. Her rates are cheap as far as lawyers go and accepts payments if needed. I recommend her for any father or mother needing legal help

– Travis

Saved the Day in A Pinch!

Jessica is excellent - sharp, competent and knowledgable. She was able to quickly turn a separation agreement around for me in a time crunch and handled it professionally and thoroughly. Jessica goes above and beyond for her clients. Jessica was thoughtful and thorough and leaves no stone unturned. I felt protected and cared for and that my time was valuable to her. Highly recommend The Worden Law Firm!

– Dylan

Amazing Attorney!

Jessica is terrific and always available to answer my questions and assist me with my concerns. She is very knowledgeable and always kept me informed on the status of my case. I highly recommend The Worden Law Firm.

– Monica

Excellent Lawyer to Work With.

Needed a divorce lawyer doing COVID-19 and Jessica was there to guide me through the process. I was going through a lot at the time so I needed someone to quickly take action and work through the divorce proceedings with me. We got everything done online in a timely manner. Plus when the divorce was finalized, she sent additional information and agencies that I need to contact to change my last name. Jessica Worden will be my first choice for other legal issues in the future.

– Anonymous

An Amazing Attorney

I hired Jessica after three awful attorneys I had for my divorce case. She was able to complete the job even though my ex would not cooperate. She put a stop to the stalling. A lot of attorneys will stall to cost you more money. They will lie to you to cost you more money, but thankfully Jessica is not a dishonest attorney. She will get what you are requesting and nothing more or less saving you money and headaches. She will give you honest advice and represent you in court thoroughly even when you can't attend! I am very grateful to have had her on my case. She was able to get the judge to order my ex to pay half of the fees she charged me along with some other money he owed me. I would still be going through that never ending divorce if I had not hired her. Thank you again Jessica you truly are an awesome attorney.

– Anonymous

Fantastic Attorney

Fantastic attorney. My husband and I hired Jessica to represent us in a frivolous lawsuit involving his (unbalanced) extended family This lady is sharp and has a wonderful sense of humor as well. She made us feel at ease during a very stressful time and everything went EXACTLY as she said it would. A judge sided in our favor and Jessica made sure we were reimbursed for our legal expenses. She went the extra mile to look out for her clients. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

– Jessica

She Is Awesome!

Jessica is a wonderful attorney. She keeps it real with you and gets the job done! I couldn’t ask for anyone better to represent my case! Definitely would recommend

– Malarie

Amazing Attorney

I hired Jessica almost two years ago because A friend of mine said she was the best and the impossible others wouldn’t be able to do that she could! I came to found out that she was the best and so understanding with everything! She reassured me every time I had doubts or questions! I re-hired her as she left me with an amazing impression! This time around I couldn’t have been even more happy with her service. I had a lot of doubts because of some things that arised in the case. But with even more reassurance that everything will be okay she was right. I honestly can’t be more happy with everything she has done for me and my family. She is so caring and if you want the best get Jessica!

– Ana

Consulting About Orders

Jessica is always helpful and very knowledgeable.

She cares about her clients and is quickly to respond to your concerns.

- John

Excellent Criminal Law Attorney

I contacted Jessica Worden two months ago about helping my nephew resolve his misdemeanor charge in Williamson County, Texas. After months of being frustrated with trying to contact the court to handle the problem ourselves, I hired her on my nephew's behalf and she put us at ease immediately. Jessica was a straight shooter from the beginning - pretty much no fluff. She also made us feel like my nephew was her only client although I know that she has many clients. She even sat beside my nephew during a jail call - when all of the other attorneys spoke to theirs over the railing or while standing beside them in the aisle. She also really seems to love her job.

Jessica was always professional, courteous, and very quick to respond to any of my questions during business hours - especially by email. My nephew walked away with the lightest sentence he could have received. I highly recommend Jessica Worden.

– Rainbow


I lived in Dallas, TX. Hired her for represent my divorce case in Georgetown, TX since June, 2016. Have not met her in person yet, just a few conversation over the phones. We exchanged emails, reviewed important legal documents information. She responded all my emails when I asked or needed. She is my third lawyer on the case. I paid the 2 previous lawyers but did not get the job done. Jessica Worden’s amazing! I will recommend she name to other if they need a lawyer. Thank you!

– Sonny

Efficient and Responsive

I hired Ms. Worden to represent me in my divorce. She was efficient, responsive and had great communication. She responded to every question quickly and kept me informed of all the steps needed.

- Julie

Best Lawyer Ever

She was amazing, I wouldn't pick anyone else. Everything was answered and was very clear. always answered back when I had questions. She helped me out and I'm pretty sure she will do the same for you. She will fight for you. Thank you soooooo much

– Jacob

The Best Attorney I Know

Jessica helped me in my divorce case where two children were involved, and a less that cooperative spouse and attorney. She responded to me quickly, did not judge, and offered invaluable information and explanations. We had two phone calls, and handled most things via email. The first day we met was the day we went to court. I finalized in 6 months (4 months total representation) with child support, possession and custody, as well as health insurance figured out and completed fairly. I would use her again and again if I ever needed to. She is on your side and will make sure you get what you need!

– Natalie

Outstanding Attorneys

Jessica was great, friendly, great with my son, worked hard on my case, got great results. She had to deal with a very difficult attorney . His attorney did no shows, never answer email,Jessica tried so hard to take care of it without going to Court but his attorney just won't reply. So we went to Cort and won.

– Kristina

She Made Everything so Easy.

Jessica is the best, I had such a wonderful experience with her She dealt with everything so my son didn't even have to go into court, which was difficult to do because he's mentally ill. I would recommend her to anyone.

– Misbah

Best Experience Possible

I would highly recommend Jessica Worden for a family law issue. Her prices were the most reasonable compared to the other attorneys I consulted with. She was very up-front about what was going to happen and made sure there weren't any surprises. Her court schedule and my work schedule typically interfered with each other so it was definitely nice to be able to communicate with her via email. The only time I ever saw her were the 2 times we went to court, with the second time ending in the judge siding with me. I felt like things would not go in my favor due to being a man and asking for primary custody of the kids. Jessica told me exactly what she needed to help me and I gave her the requested information. I'm very happy with the way things turned out and very confident in my decision to choose Jessica Worden as my attorney.

– Kenneth


I had to do a termination of parental rights, and let me tell you I was so nervous but Jessica reassured me and to let her handle the "stress". She put my mind to ease and was so prompt with everything! Next thing I know is the termination was completed and my daughter now belongs to me and my husband! We are so happy that we were recommended to Jessica as we heard how amazing she is at what she does AMAZINGLY. No words will ever be able to express how happy we are!

Thank you Jessica!!

– Anonymous

Jessica Worden Is a Boss

My divorce was the crappiest thing I’ve ever went through—custody battles, a cheating ex, threats of losing my house—and I’m so glad to have worked with Jessica on not only surviving it, but, in the end, feeling like I came out on top. She was always a straight-talker and got things done efficiently—she even steadied the ship when my ex changed lawyers mid-stream, sending us back to the beginning of the process. I recommend Jessica without hesitation—she’s compassionate when you need that, and a stone-cold killer when you need that. Awesome.

– Anonymous

Engaging, Knowledgeable, Helpful, and Caring

Jessica executed estate planning documents for me. She is an engaging, knowledgeable, helpful, and caring professional who makes every effort to understand and carry out the wants and needs of her clients. Should the need arise, I would certainly hire her again for any legal proceeding.

– Carol S.

Recommend without Hesitation

My divorce was the crappiest thing I've ever went through--custody battles, a cheating ex, threats of losing my house--and I'm so glad to have worked with Jessica on not only surviving it, but, in the end, feeling like I came out on top. She was always a straight-talker and got things done efficiently--she even steadied the ship when my ex changed lawyers mid-stream, sending us back to the beginning of the process. I recommend Jessica without hesitation--she's compassionate when you need that, and a stone-cold killer when you need that. Awesome.

– Nick C.

Very Helpful

Ms. Worden helped me get my divorce moved from Austin to my new town. She was very helpful. Also I couldn't have done it without Jennifer! She is relentless.

– Christopher K.

GREAT Attorney and Person.

Jessica was the best attorney that I could have asked for during one of the darkest times of my life. She was totally there for me the entire process she answered all my questions, listened to me stress and freak. She definitely loves what she does and is all about her clients. The best part of this all is that I live 45 mins south of Houston and she still showed up for me. She is dedicated to what she does and getting you what you want and need. I'd highly recommend her.

– Amber

Great Attorney

Jessica did a awesome job on my divorce. She kept me in touch with what was going on at all times. She returned my many phone call without hesitation. She was very professional at all times and just a joy to work with. Her fees are very resonable compared to other attorneys in the area.I have recommended her to some friends and I would recommend her to anyone that would ask me for a excellent Lawyer.

– Sharlene

Highly Recommend

My experience with Jessica was the most positive experience with an attorney that I have ever had.

To give you a little back story regarding my situation (feel free to skip to paragraph 4 if under time constraints,) representing myself, I attempted to navigate the Texas legal system to resolve a divorce internationally to a man that for 9 years I could not locate. Due to additional extraordinary (not in a good way) circumstances which compounded to create what can only be described as "the perfect legal storm," my progress remained at a stand still for the last 4 years.

Beginning a little over a year ago, I broke down and began consulting with attorney after attorney to no avail. Each consultation revealed that inordinate retainers would be required in advance, and some even made me feel their sense of defeat before we even began. At the end of 2013, a wrench was thrown into the gears that required me to find help and obtain a resolution as soon as possible. I had no time left to be unproductive.

In January, I stumbled upon The Worden Law Firm while perusing Yelp reviews of several local Travis County law firms. I read all of the reviews on their page (regardless of what the Yelp automated recommendation software believes.) After doing so, I knew that I needed to reach out to this firm, and I did so the very next day. I have absolutely no regrets.

Jessica replied electronically to my inquiry within 1 business day. She showed no fear of my situation, and in fact was rather excited to take it on. Her retainer was a fraction of what others had demanded, and her fees very reasonable. She was incredibly easy to work with, positive, very personable, non-judgmental, ethical, and worked swiftly and diligently to file documents and make any needed changes. She was able to navigate the law and initiated the service of divorce papers to my husband internationally (in my case, a process that could have taken up to 8 months.) I tell you with tears of joy in my eyes, by the end of June I was a single woman!

After everything I went through, all of the brick walls and dead ends, Jessica has helped me do what I was beginning to believe was impossible. I will certainly use her for any future legal needs, and I highly recommend her to all of my friends, family, and to you reading this today.

– Sharron S.

So Glad I Found Her!

I found Jessica and was able to hire her just 2 days before my child custody hearing. Stressful and awful as this experience was she made the whole thing easier to take. She has a fantastic positive attitude and is quit witted and strong willed. Having her on my side at one of the most difficult times in my life was a God send. Jessica will forever be my go to attorney. Thanks so much for your advice and hard work!

– Kelsey

You Can't Go Wrong with Jessica

I contacted Jessica Worden as I needed some very important legal documentation reviewed. She responded back to me very quickly. Jessica, throughout my entire dealings with her, has been immensely respectful, compassionate, positive and most importantly, thoroughly competent. She has far and away exceeded my expectations and In my opinion, has been the best attorney, hands down that I've ever worked with. In the future, she will be the first attorney that I will turn to when trusted advice is needed. Thank you Jessica, it has been a pleasure.

– John I.


She was very helpful even when I need someone she was always there to listened and her assistant Scott is also great.

She always kept me up to date and informed on what was going on. She is caring person and look out for you as a client

– Linda

Great Attorney - Great Team

A divorce is never easy especially when children are involved. I wanted an attorney who was professional, honest and always had me and my children's best interest in mind. Jessica Worden is that attorney.

Jessica's compassion and constant words of encouragement eased the worries and stress I had during my divorce.

Jessica and her paralegal, Scott Love, promptly returned all of my phone calls, text messages and emails.

I'm so grateful for Jessica and Scott guiding me through every step of the divorce process with such compassion and care.

I highly recommend The Worden Law Firm.

– Jessica

Child Custody

Jessica and her staff were very helpful to our son's case. She was a very good listener and very patient with us. She took our case and thought it would be over in about 6 months but it wasn't and she just kept on hanging in there with us. She is a fighter and can handle herself in a courtroom. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a good lawyer. She answered calls in the evening and on weekends and holidays. I know she has put plenty of hours in to my son's case and she has been understanding at every assist of the way. Men or Women if you need a GREAT lawyer please give her a call she will do everything in her power of law to help. Jessica and her team ROCKS.

– Nancy Green

I Wish I Knew About Her Sooner!

Jessica Worden really came through for me! She was recommended by a trusted friend, so I took a chance and so glad I did. Jessica is extremely professional, organized, knowledgeable and a bulldog in court. She really cares about her clients and seeing justice served!

– Sara

The Worden Effect

Jessica came along at a time in my life when I was in need of legal protection. She did a great job of keeping me abreast of what was happening in my situation and my options. I would surely recommend her to anyone going through a marital impasse!

- Derrick

Gets the Job Done

Jessica handled my criminal and civil probate case for me. She kept me well advised on every bump and turn of my case. My civil and probate case was handled professionally and she even got my charges dismissed in the criminal case. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer than Jessica. I would recommend her to anyone that may need a prudent effective lawyer that will get the job done as smooth and as quick as possible.

– Jeremy

Jessica Worden Is a Great Attorney

Family law matters are never easy. The system is difficult to navigate and can cause a bit of anxiety.

Jessica is a hard working, and very passionate attorney. It is something that becomes very clear right away when working with her.

She was able to negotiate a settlement where other attorneys had been unable to. My ex was just not willing to compromise, but somehow Jessica was able to negotiate a resolution that was fair.

Family law sux for lack of a better word. It's extremely emotional and it's at times gets to be a rock throwing contest.

Jessica can handle the intensity of the situation, while helping you to stay grounded and informed.

I would highly recommend her for any legal issue.

– Anonymous


She was amazing! She answered all my questions and kept me informed constantly of what was going on. She is super nice and very professional! I would definitely recommend her to anyone! I'm very satisfied with her work!

– Aurora

Child Support in Travis County

Jessica has been my 2nd lawyer I have had throughout my lifetime. She is well experienced and always there when you need her. Throughout our one year voyage with the ugly Travis County system I counted on her for everything. She continually advised me on every decision and I felt she was on my side all the way. She did not only look at winning the case, she worked every avenue to get me all that I desired. Jessica was more than my lawyer, she turned out to be a friend I can trust. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs justice served.

- Jose

Great Attorney that Is Affordable and Cares!

I had 3 lawyers over 4 years and Jessica got more done in a few days than some other attorneys got done in months.

She is knowledgeable, affordable, honest and really cares about her clients.

– Scott

Divorce Client

There is an expression, 'Marriage is temporary, divorce is forever.' I found Jessica after (I thought) my divorce was final. She has provided invaluable guidance and support with ongoing issues (child support, possession/custody, etc...) ever since. Jessica is a knowledgeable, passionate attorney with a huge heart. I highly recommend her!

– Anonymous


Ms. Worden is a very intelligent attorney & extremely strategic. She genuinely cared about my situation & was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had. I've worked with several different lawyers before & I can honestly say she has been the best. I did not feel any judgement on her part & she saved me out of a bind. If I ever find myself needing legal defense, I won't hesitate to go directly to Jessica Worden. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney. Thank you so much, Jessica. Genuinely honest, good people are hard to find-- but I'm always glad to come by them!

– Michael

Someone Who Will Make a Difference

Jessica worked very diligently to help me get my divorce. She is honest, trustworthy and kept me well informed. I would highly recommend her.

- Anonymous

Great Attorney!

Jessica is very professional and she handled my case with such ease. She kept me informed at all times as to what the status of my case was and what was expected of me. Although this should have been a stressful time, thanks to her professionalism and nature of caring for her clients the experience was easy and painless. If you are looking for an attorney that not only gets the job done but truly cares about your case, The Worden Law Firm is where you need to look. Thanks for everything.

– Lucia

A Caring Understanding Lawyer

Anyone who is is looking for a lawyer that will understand and take a real interest in your case call Jessica Worden. She was a great lawyer she kept me updated never let me slip. Even when I was going thru things and forget to handle my client dutys she never gave up and just took a what they were tryin to give. I really got the feeling that she cared about me and my case and what happened to me she was real genuine. I felt like I was in great hands the whole time till this day I still thank Jessica for what she did for me. I would recomend anybody looking for a excellent lawyer who really has there back to call Jessica Worden. I'm not planning on getting into anymore trouble but if I do Jessica will be getting a call from for her outstanding above and beyond service THANKS JESSICA again.

– Quincy

Outstanding Attorney

Jessica is an amazing and knowledgable attorney. She got back to me quickly when I had a question or concern and she was very involved with my case. I reccomended her to a friend who is currently using Jessica and is very pleased. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with an attorney. Thanks Jessica!

– Stephanie

Letter of Commendation

To Whom it may concern, and all that read this letter: The purpose of this letter is to formally and publicly Commend Attorney: Ms. Jessica C. Worden for the excellent service she provided throughout my case matter. In my opinion, the level of service that Ms. Worden extended was far beyond my expectations. I have never before written a letter like this on an entirely unsolicited basis. However, in this case I was so impressed by the support and service provided by Ms. Worden that I felt compelled to go on record with my Praise. She truly deserves it. In an era where exceptional court case service and support has virtually disappeared from our society, the work that Ms. Jessica did should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate. What particularly impressed me about the level of service provided by Ms. Worden was that there were no additional financial rewards involved. It appears that it was simply the Extraordinary Commitment to Excellence in court case service, support and work that motivated her to always go the extra mile. Her example even had a positive impact on the attitude and productivity of my own Family!!! In closing, I believe that Ms. Jessica Worden truly deserves to be Congratulated and rewarded for providing court case service and work well beyond my expectations of the case matter.

– Very Sincerely: Mr. Stacy


Unfortunatly I have had to deal with more attorneys than I care to count, however when it comes to honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, dependability and outstanding guidence, you will find no better attorney than Jessica Worden.

Even though this case was fairly simple it is a great comfort to know that I had an attorney who actually cares about her clients and goes above and beyond the call of duty to work for you!! No shortcuts from Jessica just the absolute best lawyer money can buy to represent you in your time of need.

When Williamson County TX. wanted to railroad me Jessica said no and went right to work to get me the absolute best deal possible.

I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants an attorney for a criminal case every time!! You will not be dissapointed and your money will buy you the absolute best!!!

– James

Above and Beyond

I count myself blessed to have found Attorney Worden. Your knowledge, patience and overall human kindness made a difficult time more bearable. Thanks!

– Sharon

Professional and Detailed.

I hired Ms. Worden to handle my divorce. I answered the necessary questions and she handled the rest. She stayed on top of the case and got me through the system quickly and painlessly.

– Anonymous

Just an Excellent Attorney

Mrs Worden is a efficient a talented attorney. She helped save me a good sum of money while handling my situation with speed and diligence. I will use her again and keep her number on speed dial, just in case!

– Brian

Great Job

Jessica Worden is a sincere ,high energy, dedicated attorney with a great legal mind. She maintained a steady dialogue with me to keep me informed on all aspects of the case. I would recommend her to anyone who may be having legal issues. She is definitely someone you can count on. She is self-motivated and very passionate about what she does.

– Kent R.